The Artist

David W. Masterson

David W. Masterson


“Some people say the skies the limit…I call them slackers.”

About David W. Masterson – Artist and Craftsman

“A mind stretched by new ideas never regains its original dimensions.”¬†This has always been my motto. My work is part of who I am. At 58, I feel like I am just now starting to understand what’s driving the machine behind my paintings. Sometimes I am in control, sometimes not, but where I find myself in life is reflected in my daily work. I paint everyday now, because I have to. It’s an overwhelming drive to create, experience colors, lines, forms and shapes. I find myself seeing art in all things, in all ways. It’s a blessing and a curse when it can not be turned off, so I have accepted it and gone all in. It’s my hope that a person looking at my work will see things that move them to wonder or ponder my thoughts through the brush but even more important to me is the hope they walk away with an image that makes them think.

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